1. Produce globally competitive graduates equipped with knowledge, skills and values that uphold the integrity and ethical standards of the profession;

2. Offer curricular programs responsive to the changing needs of the society;

3. Promote academic and moral excellence for the total development of man;

4. Optimize learning through effective delivery of instruction, efficient utilization of facilities and resources, competent and dynamic faculty that provide an environment conducive to learning;

5. Provide efficient student services for the holistic development of the academic community;

6. Develop a functional research program for national development;

7. Enhance the institution’s research productivity in the areas of instruction, student services and community extension programs;

8. Utilize research outputs to meet the needs of the institution and the community;

9. Produce innovative researches in the fields of Science and Technology, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Education, Arts and Business Management for economic and societal development;

10. Institutionalize sustainable community extension services for the development of the society;

11. Promote active participation in the development of outreach program services based on the assessed needs in the community; and

12. Foster collaboration with the government & non-government organizations.